Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Looking for group in Virginia Beach/Norfolk area

Hey all,

I'll be moving to the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area at the end of the week (provided we don't have more snowpocalypse-level storms). I'll be looking for a new group out thataway...

I've been playing RPGs since 1981, when I started with Moldvay/Cook. I've been the GM 19 out of 20 games since then.

I'm an old-school kind of guy, and though I can play and have played just about ANY game, I prefer to play the following games:

Castles & Crusades
Amazing Adventures
Labyrinth Lord
BECMI/Cyclopedia D&D
Gamma World 4th Edition (i.e., the one like 2E AD&D, not the 4E D&D version which is actually 7th Edition)
Mutant Future
Mutants & Mazes (LL/MF mash-up)
Basic Roleplaying (Chaosium stuff)
Encounter Critical
Palladium Megaverse
Cortex System (Margaret Weis games)

For my Fantasy RPG campaigns, I prefer to run in the following settings:

Olden Lands

We should arrive sometime this weekend, weather permitting. My first order of business once we are settled in is to find a job, but I definitely need to get some gaming in, too... so e-mail me if you are in the area and have room at your table!

Friday, February 1, 2013

[James Mishler Games] Win a FREE copy of Hercynian Grimoire #1!

As we never had a chance to give away a FREE copy of Hercynian Grimoire #1, we are going to do so now. All you need to do to get a chance to win is become a follower of the James Mishler Games blog and post on the contest thread!

We are looking for posts with suggestions and ideas from our fans for future projects. If you are already a follower of our blog, all you need to do is post in this thread! The winner will be picked at random from all those who are followers and who post. If this contest pushes us over 50 followers, we will give away TWO copies. If it pushes us over 100 followers, we will give away THREE copies!

If you win and have already bought a copy of Hercynian Grimoire #1, we will give you a free copy of your choice from any of the other three products we already have available that you do not have, or a future product or equal or lesser value if you already have all of our products.

The contest ends Monday at 12 noon, Central time. Barring another Snowpocalypse or other unforseen circumstance, we will announce the winner or winners at that time.

Good luck!