Friday, June 28, 2013

[C&C] Return to the Haunted Highlands Kickstarter

The Troll Lords have a new Kickstarter up, this time for Casey W Christofferson's Return to the Haunted Highlands. It is a complete campaign setting designed for use with Castles & Crusades. Casey does some great work, and this builds upon a long series of excellent adventures placed in the Haunted Highlands. You should definitely check this out if you like Castles & Crusades or classic fantasy campaign settings! 

Here are the details:

The Castles & Crusades Return to the Haunted Highlands includes everything you need to start a game in the Haunted Highlands. Return to the Haunted Highlands Kickstarter includes two books (and possibly more) and a Map.

The Castle Keeper's Guide to the Highlands, 200+ pages: Includes all relevant setting material, adventures (DB1-DB6 expanded and updated), new monsters and more.

A Players Guide to the Highlands, 76+:  includes racial variants, class specializations, new spells, magic and more (also includes expanded and updated material from the Black Libram).

Maps: 12 x 18 full color Map of the Haunted Highlands.

The Haunted Highlands
Upon the bloody northern marches lies a curious Roadhouse. Here are gathered the flotsam of the world: miscreants, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, adventurers. Dirty Bowbe's Roadhouse they call it, and it's as rough and safe a sanctuary as any will find in those dark and bloody grounds!

Once, long ago, a Kingdom thrived here and the wealth of its coffers flowed across the lands as honey from a jar. From the deep, blue waters of Lake Veyona to the broken crags that overlook the Northern Steppes the King ruled a realm, both prosperous and contented.

But all things must end. And the wages of war and plague overwhelmed the King and his people and ground all to ruin. And the days of the Highland Kingdom are long past so that now nothing but memories remain . . . memories and their shadows.

Or so such tales are spun by the hearth fire at Dirty Bowbe's Roadhouse to any and all who pass through, for that legendary tavern lies at the center of the world.

To the northeast of Dirty Bowbe's lie the ruins of Bortenski and the hazardous wastes known as the Witch Moor. Beyond that, the village of the Ugashtan and further still lay the broken crags of the Mythnoc Cairns where the proud barbarian people once buried their cherished dead. More, there are the trees of the Grove of the Green Man, the Crater of Umeshti, the Fey Wood and Troll Downs, the Free City of Eskadia, land ripe with the forgotten or lost treasures of a realm long passed.

These are the Haunted Highlands

Industry nominated, award winning author Casey Christofferson has long been a part of the Castles & Crusades experience. With over 30 RPG books to his credit he knows the genre and craft well. Crusaders have enjoyed the Haunted Highlands for years, wanting only for more. Now with Return to the Haunted Highlands, Casey delivers that with a punch.