Monday, March 28, 2011

[Chimera Campaign] Last Two Sessions in March

We've had two sessions of the Chimera Hobby Shop Labyrinth Lord Campaign in the last two weeks; no reports, though, as I haven't had the extra time to write anything up. Suffice to say that the party finally got through Mylock's Lair, bringing back enough loot such that each of the eight of them got almost 900 gp. Ed used his to buy a restoration for his lost level; the others mostly just geared up or banked it. No one was daring enough to use the loot to go carousing, feeling that the potential downsides far outweighed the potential XP gain. It was only after they got back to Haelyx that the magic-user realized that they hadn't found Mylock's spell books, library, or laboratory!

He was unable to convince the others to join him in seeking the wizard-wight's hidden vault, as they felt they already had gotten all the best loot (cash and gem-wise), and he had little enough to offer them to make up for the potential troubles. They had found a treasure map, purportedly showing the hiding place of the stolen Royal Jewels of the Kingdom of Haelyx (from back before it was a free city ruled by a council of notables). So they decided to seek the lost crown, scepter, and magical singing blade. Turns out that the map leads to the Dungeons of Blacklake Delve, in the southern section of the Great Goblin Grotto. This is the same dungeon where another party went seeking a lost archpriest and icon from the Temple of the Lords of Light some sessions back; they never found him, it, or his acolytes, but got some good treasures. Blacklake Delve is based on the Dyson's Delve map from Dyson Logos. I simply used the random dungeon generation system to populate the 1st level when the first party arrived. This second party, however, ended up finding the secondary entrance to the 7th level!

Fortunately for them, I decided that most of that level had already been cleared out by the missing Archpriest (in a notably pyrrhic victory, however), so all they really had to deal with was the guard post I placed between the hidden entrance and the actual dungeon. This guard post was bad enough as it was, though, as the thief completely missed the trap on the outer door that set off all the alarms, and the fighter ran on ahead to try the door to the guard post before the thief could check for traps... and of course, it was trapped with a pit. Down he went, and as everyone else panicked over how to get him out of the suddenly closing trap, they missed the murder holes opening above... with boiling oil and burning cinders being dropped on them from above, they all retreated in quick disorder. Nearly got the clerics on that one, too! Fortunately, after they retreated down the corridor, the half-orc guards were foolish enough to seek them out, and came through the door cfrossbow bolts flying. The archers responded and got the best of them, then rushed the open door before reinforcements could arrive. The battle in the lower guard room was quick and decisive in their favor, especially after the magic-user magic missiled the captain and used his session d30 roll (rolling a 28) for damage!

After recovering their lost companion and gaining four new allies (a pixie-fairy, pooka, half-giant, and their favorite hobbit, Siggy), they went on to the real dungeon... and there found mostly slaughter. Bodies of guards, evil priests, and the lost acolytes were found in nearly every room. They encountered a sleeping wounded albino ape (dispatched quickly and quietly by the sneaky thief) and four orc warriors holed up in their barracks (also quickly dealt with). And that's where the last session ended... Next week, no session for me, as I have a family dinner that day...

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