Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Antares] Mapping Imirrhos

A while back Jeff Rients posted about having fun with Imirrhos, the planet otherwise known as Antares IX from the classic TSR minigame, Revolt on Antares. Recently on Google+ he posted more on his developing science-fantasy campaign. And as I've been casting about for random cool stuff to doodle with using Hexographer, I figured, what the hell... so here are three maps of Imirrhos. As the planet is about the size of Mercury, I've set each hex at 72 miles, easily divisible into 24-mile hexes, and thus into 8-mile hexes. YMMV, literally...

As usual, click to embiggen; and if anyone wants the original Hexographer maps or larger PNG files, let me know...

Imirrhos Plain Geographical

Imirrhos Gameboard Reproduction
(With added numbers, because numbers are cool)

Imirrhos Rients Campaign

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