Wednesday, June 20, 2018

[DCC] The Portal Under the Stars One-Shot

I missed Free RPG Day due to other commitments, but got to run a two-player Dungeon Crawl Classics funnel on Monday night. I ran the party through the classic The Portal Under the Stars adventure.
Spoilers ahead for that adventure...

Mortuorum Cibum
Player: Adam
Ryan the Fortune Teller
Paul the Cheesemaker (“Blessed are the Cheesemakers”)
Seth the Mummer
Zack the Smuggler
Player: Alex
Brian the Linkboy
Richard the Cultist
Harry the Gongfarmer
Thomas the Hunter
We used the Alternate Occupations supplement from IDD.
Modus Mortis
Ryan the Fortuneteller used his Tarot Deck to gain advice on how to proceed once they discovered the locked door in room 1. He rolled a Nat 20, so he got the advice to “Wait,” and so they did and entered the dungeon without incident.
Brian the Linkboy got a gut-shot with a spear in room #2.
Seth the Mummer got blasted by fire in room #3.
Richard the Cultist was crushed by a falling statue in room #3.
Ryan the Fortune Teller and Paul the Cheesemaker burned to death in the conflagration that followed the toppling of the statue in room #3.
Zack the Smuggler was bitten to death in room #4.
Harry and Thomas actually killed the beast in #4 and fled the dungeon with the demon horn and 4 XP each.
Though there was a solid death count, everyone had fun! I need to run DCC more often…

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  1. XP in DCC are generally awarded per encounter, and it looks like there was at least one death in almost every encounter. Three encounters that resulted in the death of at least one party member should give 12 XP per survivor, assuming those survivors were present at each encounter.