Saturday, June 8, 2019

[Now Available] New Advanced Labyrinth Lord Character Record Sheet -- UPDATED!

Now available -- my new Advanced Labyrinth Lord Character Record Sheet.

Pay what you want (something would be nice, $1 suggested)...

UPDATE 11/9/19: This product now has two character sheets -- a 4-page full record, and a more classic 2-page quick record. Still Pay-What-You-Want! Cheap!

Two and Four pages, PDF.

Here's the first page:

And here is the full two-page character sheet:


  1. Gonna rock this tonight! My first PC is about to hit level 2 and outgrow their pregenerated sheet, and this is full of possibilities for new/fun play. Thank you!

  2. Sorry, but it's too long. No one has ever improved upon the classic Armory character sheets from the early 90s. Just 2 sides and can cover everything you need. Anything longer is too cumbersome at the table.

    1. Persimmon, I have added a two-page character sheet to the product, so there are now two character sheets, the four-page and the two-page character sheet. See small preview above.