Saturday, May 28, 2022

The One True Way to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Players new and old are having some difficulties these days deciding how to get their Dungeons & Dragons game on. It is all about Old School versus New School. Edition Wars. The OSR is fractured. Hither and Yon we hear of “Gaming Cults” and “Cults of Personality” gathering.

Which rules would Arneson want us to play? Which rules would Gygax want us to play?

What about Holmes or Moldvay or Mentzer or Cook or… whoever have you.

Where, oh where, can I find the One True Rules so I can play Dungeons & Dragons the Right Way?

This is simple, people.

There are no rules, only rulings.

If you and your friends are playing a game and having fun, you are playing it right.

No more, no less. Anyone who tries to tell you different is either trying to sell you something or stroking their ego.

If you play Dungeons & Dragons* and have fun – you win!

* Or any other role-playing game, whether with one page or a thousand pages of rules.