Sunday, February 6, 2011

[The Realm] The Cosmic Egg and the Elder Gods

The Elder Gods came from Beyond Time and Space; on the First Day they found the Cosmic Egg at the center of Nothing.

On the Second Day Szkarnadle the First sought to eat the Egg, but it was too big; but he knew the taste of the Egg.

On the Third Day Elthonell All-Father thought to sing to the Egg, that it might sing back; if it did so, he was the only one to hear, and has said not what he heard.

On the Fourth Day Shendon All-Maker thought to carve the shell of the egg; his chisel carved beautiful things into the shell, and from it four pieces fell, that he collected and swept into his apron.

On the Fifth Day Osgdagor Orc-Father sought to shatter the Egg with his fists, but to no avail; it is said his hands were misshapen from this blasphemy, and thus were his creations, the orcs, also misshapen and unnatural to the World.

Finally, on the Sixth Day Koram Sky-King stopped and studied the Egg longer than the others; then with a smile he blew upon it, and it shattered, releasing the World.

Weary from their exertions, the Elder Gods rested on the Seventh Day, in the light of the splendor of the newly-created World.

After their day of rest, when they first went to explore the World, they were accosted by the Dragon Primeval, the first and largest dragon, the father of all dragon kind, the Father of Chaos. For a whole week the Elder Gods battled the Dragon Primeval, across the length and breadth of the world. Finally, Shendon All-Maker slew the Dragon with a final blow from his hammer, which burst the Dragon Primeval asunder.

The gods gathered together the remaining pieces of the Dragon Primeval, for they were potent with the Secret of Creation, and from them over a week's time Shendon forged six orbs, one each day, one for each Elder God and the sixth to be shared in kind. The five orbs were clear and filled with glittering light, as of great star rubies, emeralds, topazes, opals, and onyxes; the sixth was of pure shimmering gold.

On the seventh day of the third week of the World, the five elder Gods gathered together and as one touched the sixth golden orb, whereupon it cracked open and revealed itself to be not a mere orb, but instead an egg. Forth from the Golden Egg flew Krakentiri, the Great Gold Dragon, the Dragon of Law. And then the five elder gods were six in number, and they rejoiced. However, their joy was short lived, as Krakentiri’s first words were the Great Dragon Prophecy (aka the Lament of the Dragon Son):

Five Orbs ye have forged,
The Dragon Primeval to tame;
Five Orbs ye have forged,
Thy name to everlasting fame.

Five Orbs shall come together,
At the furthest end of Time;
And then, oh my Father,
Vengeance shall be Thine!

Thus in great sadness, for they all loved their jewels forged from the Dragon Primeval, the Elder Gods each hid their Dragon Orb in great secrecy, lest the five be brought together again, unmaking all that they had wrought. Since then the five Orbs have been found and lost numerous times, and actually brought together on no few occasions, however, each time the Orb wielders sought to use the power of the Orbs not to raise the Dragon Primeval, but to use their great powers to learn the Secret of Creation, for it is embedded within the five together. With this power, the wielder can Make or Unmake anything, though doing so even once causes the Orbs to fly away from each other to the five corners of the world, and the wielder to forget the Secret he had learned.

Some say this is the way that Morda the Dark Elf gained his great power, and is the origin of the Dungeon God or perhaps the Arcanadaemon; others say that it was an imperfect use of four of the Orbs that allowed Xyrmgnollven to create the gnoll race. Fortunately, those who have gathered the Orbs to date have either been too greedy, or sought only to do good deeds with the power, and the Dragon Primeval remains tamed within the Orbs.

Unbeknownst to the Elder Gods at the time, the Blood of the Dragon Primeval, which had fallen unto the lands of the World during their week-long battle, lived still, and wherever it fell, were dragons born. That which fell into the fiery mountains was reborn as red dragons; that which fell into shining wastes was reborn as blue dragons; that which fell into verdant forests and fields was reborn as green dragons; that which sunk into miasmal swamps was reborn as black dragons; and that which fell upon cold glacial ice was reborn as white dragons. Drips and drabs here and there were reborn as pocket drakes and pseudo-dragons, and other lesser dragonkind. The five greatest and most potent globs of gore fell into Places of Power, and there were reborn as the five Dragon Queens, mothers of the spectral dragons and the goddesses of all dragons born of Chaos...

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