Sunday, February 6, 2011

[The Realm] Of Gods and Origins

I should note that the various gods, angels, demons, and many other such entities I mention in my writings of the Realm are not entirely of my own creation. My major sources for deities, demigods, and such entities come from the Role Aids series, once published by Mayfair Games. The major books I have consulted include: Dark Races, Demons, Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Lich Lords, and Sentinels. I mostly have taken the names and some of the mythology about the gods, mixed it together with other sources, and made it something different. I'll be retasking the magic items and monsters from the two volumes of Fantastic Treasures and three volumes of Monsters of Myth & Legend. Another major source are the works of Lin Carter, mostly for the Great Good Gods, or the Gods of Man, as they are known; they are inspired mostly from the gods of the Thongor Cycle and the Gondwane Epic. Take the above, add a few more bits and pieces from literature, movies, and games (such as Orcus, of course), shake and stir a bit, strain through a Tolkien-inspired Vance-wrapped sieve, and you have the gods, demigods, and heroes of the Realm...

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