Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG! Dungeon Boardgame Returns?

Is this really the classic Dungeon board game?

"First released in 1975 and revised throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, the Dungeon! boardgame lets you explore a multi-level dungeon in search of treasure guarded by terrible monsters. The deeper into the dungeon you go, the deadlier the monsters and the greater the treasure. The player who returns to the beginning chamber with the most treasure wins!

This re-release of the classic Dungeon! boardgame stays true to the original but incorporates several revisions made to the game in later editions, giving players the most fun experience possible."

No image available... what a weird WotC day!

Followup: Well, by some accounts, it was all a hoax; the D&D 3.5 w/Errata "reprints," and the Dungeon Board game. I'm not so sure; time will tell. Wizards denied all the rumors about 4E up until the day they announced it at Gen Con, so denials from them, frankly, mean nothing. Personally, I think a new print of an "updated" v3.5 is a good thing, and the release of a new edition of Dungeon would be an AWESOME thing. Frankly, from experience, I know it to be one of the BEST ways to get the younger crowd (ages 5 to 9) hip to the basic ideas behind Dungeons & Dragons. So I hope this is merely a case of Wizards "protesting too much"...


  1. I've FINALLY seen something from WotC in the way of reprints that makes me really excited. I love playing this old game.

  2. My kids love this game! (My 9-year got to play with Dave McGarry at GaryCon this past march....AND WON!)

    Will definitely check it out, thanks for the tip.

    Hope they don't foul it up.

  3. If it's all 4e crappy I won't be impressed.

  4. I loved Dungeon! as a kid, and still enjoy it from time to time decades later. I think a reprint would be great - the old 1992 version I had was pretty much worn out.

    I don't know about a 3.5E reprint (it sounds unlikely, considering a leather-bound special edition from a few years ago and Pathfinder cover that niche already), but a 1st Edition AD&D reprint and the Dungeon! board game are apparently for real: