Thursday, September 27, 2012

[Labyrinth Lord] New Alternate Fighter

Fighters arise from the common soldiery or militias of the civilized lands. Fighters train for battle – in an adventuring party it is their job to fight monsters and protect the weaker members of the party from direct combat.

Prime Requisite: Strength. +5% Experience for Strength 13-15, +10% for Strength 16-18.

Minimum Ability Scores: Strength 9, Dexterity 6, Constitution 7, Wisdom 6, and Charisma 6.

Racial Level Limits: Dwarves 9th, Elves 10th, Gnomes 6th, Halflings 6th, Half-Elves 12th, Half-Orcs 12th, and Humans U.

Hit Dice: Fighters use ten-sided dice (d10) to determine hit points. Fighters gain one hit die per level up to and including 9th level. Three hit points are gained per level after 9th, with Constitution modifiers no longer applicable.

Armor: Any.

Proficient Weapons: Any (save for foreign and esoteric weapons).
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2

Cleave: A fighter in melee who kills or knocks an opponent unconscious with his primary attack may attack another opponent who is adjacent to both himself and the opponent he dropped. Each attack after the first is at -2 to hit, cumulative (-2 against the second, -4 against the third, and so forth). The fighter may continue to do this until he fails to down a target or he has cleaved once per level per round, whichever comes first.
Sword & Board: A fighter wielding a sword (or similar one-handed weapons) in one hand and a shield in the other also gets a free shield bash attack each round.
  •  If the secondary attack is the shield bash, the attack is at a -2 penalty to hit, deals only 1d4 damage, and has no chance to knock down an opponent.
  • If the primary attack is the shield bash, the attack deals 1d6 damage and the opponent, if of the same size or smaller, must make a saving throw versus Paralysis or be knocked to the ground or knocked back 5’ (attacker’s choice). In this case, the secondary attack is the weapon attack and is at a -2 penalty to hit and the damage dealt is one die code less than normal.
Weapon Specialization: Fighters are specialized in one weapon. At 1st level they get a +1 bonus to hit and a +1 bonus to damage with that weapon. At 3rd level the bonus improves to +1/+2, at 5th to +2/+2, at 7th to +2/+3, at 9th to +3/+3, at 11th to +3/+4, at 13th to +4/+4, at 15th to +4/+5, and at 17th to +5/+5. At 6th level they may make 3 attacks every 2 rounds with their specialized weapon; at 10th level they may make 2 attacks every round; at 14th level they may make 5 attacks every 2 rounds; and at 18th level they may make 3 attacks every round. Second and third attacks come at the end of the round, after both sides have moved and attacked. The fighter may cleave off of each attack, if applicable, though for no more total cleave attacks per round than his level.


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