Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Labyrinth Lord] New Barbarian Class


Watch This Space!



  1. You should prettify this as a PDF and sell it for a buck or two at DriveThruRPG! Truly good stuff!

  2. This is awesome! My first impressions of barbarians were from Howard's Conan - and your gamification reads perfectly - very happy to see that they are missing some other games rules that limited magic item use, called for magic item destruction, etc. Bravo!

    One quick question: you specifically limit some abilities (EG, rage) to when the barbarian is using tribal armor but you don't list what that armor is. You do say in another section that they must be using (roughly) chain or less to use "barbarian abilities" but you don't actually say that chain or less == tribal armor. I'm sure this is a nit - and honestly I'm not complaining, this is an awesome class description - but it left a tiny question mark for me and I figured you wouldn't mind the feedback.

    Anyway - thanks for this great class option!

  3. Thanks MW! I might just do that!

    Thanks too, David! Glad you like it! As for tribal armor, that's a left-over from when I was working on each different tribal type having their own armors. But as each only ended up being slightly different, I went with an overall class armor. That will be fixed shortly...

    There were also some concerns on the Labyrinth Lord forums about why anyone would want to play a fighter when you could play this class. As I think about it, the class ability score limitations really aren't all that limiting when most groups use roll 4d6 take highest three and assign... so I would say that if you use 3d6 in order, the 12's in Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution should be limiting enough. But if you use 4d6 highest three assign, those minimums are more rightly be 16 in one and 15 in the other two of Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution... which should limit the barbarians to at best one or two per group...