Thursday, May 2, 2013

[Southland] New Version of Outdoor Survival Map

When I need to get my game on, but can't really concentrate on writing and can't get together with anyone to play, I draw maps. Call it a kind of occupational therapy, if you will.

Once upon a time I did that by hand... but now I mostly use Hexographer. Going through  my "Campaign Setting" folders, I stumbled upon the work done on Southland, the post-Blackmoor setting Dave Arneson used after his group essentially trashed the original campaign. The setting used Avalon Hill Game Company's Outdoor Survival map, as was mentioned in The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures booklet in OD&D. Robert Conley created a fine Judges Guild style version of the map long ago

I decided I wanted to play around with the map, maybe make a few variants, so I put together a base, "original" version of the map. My version does not include the "Encounter Areas" that Rob's does, but is otherwise pretty close. Later variants will develop the region more, and include different climate versions.

If you want a larger PNG or the original Hexographer file, drop me an e-mail...

Click to embiggen...


  1. James, I will definitely take a high-res version of this sweet map! Great job (as usual).

  2. Are the taller blobs castles and the smaller blobs cities?

  3. You need to right-click on the map and open it in a new tab; that way you will see it in a much larger format.

    The building with rounded roof symbol stands for a town; the two-towered symbol for a castle.