Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stuff and Writing and Bloggery

Well... that didn't last long. As I noticed, in fact, a distinct drop in readership while doing the Blog Hop, perhaps it is a good thing I didn't continue...

I've reached an impasse on the Cimmeria Gazetteer. Lots of good stuff so far, but then ::BAM::, my writing hit a brick wall. I think what happened was I picked up a Conan pastiche and tried to read it. It (and its otherwise excellent author) shall remain nameless, but after only reading the original unaltered Howard Conan tales, it really was quite jarring. I think I need to pick up those original Conan stories again and read through them to get back on track...

After that, the Next Big Project will be the Deshret Gazetteer for the Olden Lands. But I'd like to work on some smaller stuff first, to cleanse the creative palate, so to speak. Something non-Olden Lands, something in the 24-pages realm, a bit splat-bookish and also sandbox-y gazetteer-ish. Here are some things I'd like to write; what of these would people be most interested in reading? Or perhaps more pertinently, interested in paying a nominal price to read?

1) Kingdom of the Morlocks (Labyrinth Lord)
2) The Book of Dwarfs (Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea if I can make that work)
3) Cacodemonomicon: A Grimoire of Beasts Demonic and Most Vile (LL/C&C, maybe also AS&SH if I can make it work)
4) A Sandbox for Mutants & Mazes (Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future Mash-Up)
5) Hercynian Grimoire #2 (A melange of stuff for LL/C&C and maybe other systems)
6) A High Weird Science Western Fantasy Town... something appropriate to drop into an Encounter Critical campaign.

Post below to let me know what you are all interested in seeing me work on next... and if you can't decide, roll a d6 and let me know your result!


  1. Hercynian Grimoire 2 or The Book of Dwarfs would be my preferences. I'd buy any of the above, though.

  2. Here's what I'd interested in buying, in order of preference:

    1) Hercynian Grimoire 2
    2) Cacodemonomicon
    3) Sandbox for Mutants & Mazes

    Possible also Kingdom of the Morlocks, depending on what it is, exactly.

    I would prefer LL rules, since I use Rules Cyclopedia, but I usually tweak stats anyway, so I'll probably buy your stuff regardless of the rules system used.