Saturday, August 30, 2014

[5th Edition] 5th Edition Campaign Setting Idea

So I am hoping to run some 5th Edition this Sunday, and am already considering what setting to use for an ongoing 5th Edition campaign. It seems ideal for a campaign idea I have had for some time, one that combines all these factors:

While I would, myself, hope for something more Castle Waiting, I know with my players it would end up much more like Shrek, so I might as well prepare for that, anyway. This would be unlike my Sixth Age setting in that it would be pure fantasy, rather than a post-Apocalyptic, post-Change setting.

Still... I might also start out smaller, just to keep it simple. I've always wanted to delve into the classic Rythlondar style campaign, and I think 5th Edition fits that quite well... so I might just whip out a blank sheet of paper and have at it and draw up some sort of Borderland Realm focusing on dungeons filled with whimsy and old-school oddities...

If this all works out well enough, and 5th Edition plays as well as I hope it will, I might just have to consider doing some Olden Lands products using 5th Edition...

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