Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Regarding Judges Guild

Henceforth I shall not be associated with, nor work with, nor in any way support Bob Bledsaw Jr., the Bledsaw family, or the works of Judges Guild.

My former AGP products are, by the terms of the contract I had with Bob Bledsaw Sr., owned by Judges Guild, and it is no longer my right to determine their fate.

I have however requested that they be removed from publication. I have further requested that if that is not possible, that Judges Guild replace all references in the products to "Adventure Games Publishing" with references to "Judges Guild," and all references to my name to references to "Alan Smithee."

I have also requested that in any case I be removed from the royalty streams of these products.

Should these last simple requests not be met, there is little I can do about the situation, as there were no clauses that would require these requests be honored.

Should for some reason Bob Jr. not see fit to remove me from the royalty stream of the products, any royalties earned from those products will be donated evenly to the ADL and the NAACP.

I have removed my old Adventures in Gaming and Adventure Games Publishing blogs, as well as my Hanging Out in the City State blog.

For those who have somehow missed developments (as I did working all day and then gaming tonight), you can find out more at Bat in the Attic and Tenkar's Tavern.

And that is the last I will ever have to say about Judges Guild, barring new ownership.


  1. Any chances you'll repost some of the older blog entries that were non-Wilderlands related. With GaryCon ahead, the Gary's Greyhawk Campaign would be worth republishing.