Wednesday, January 20, 2021

[James Mishler Games] Now Available -- Runemaster Class

Runemaster Class
By James Mishler with Jodi Moran-Mishler

Compatible with Labyrinth Lord

The Runemaster Class includes the following new additions to Labyrinth Lord:

Runemaster Class details;
Runemaster Rune List, including 34 new runes;
Rules for Drowning and Fear effects.

Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily used with any Old School RPG system!

32 page booklet-sized PDF (25 pages of content) – Normally $2.99 – $1.49 for a limited time only!


  1. Any plans to do a print compilation of your LL stuff?

    1. Not as of this moment, though I've considered it from time to time.

      I've go so many *new* things I want to finish and publish, ideas just screaming to get out of my head, that it is maddening, and any time I can get the gumption to write these days I spend putting new thoughts to paper (well, electronic bits).

  2. Makes sense. I'm enjoying your work! Keep it coming!

    1. Crap, I'm not thinking straight today...

      I HAVE pout together some print compilations.. five, actually!

      JMG0020 Quick Start Race & Class Guide [G]
      JMG0021 Barbarian, Demi-God, & Dragonborn [G]
      JMG0022 Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead [G]
      JMG0023 Hercynian Grimoire #1 (Vol. 1, No. 1) [C, G]
      JMG0024 Myrkridder, Ogres, & Vampires [C, G]

      The [G] indicates that they are, or rather WERE, Gary Con XII Limited-Edition Specials.

      I got, IIRC, 40 of each printed up. And since Gary Con was cancelled, they have been sitting in magazine boxes ever since!

      You can see previews of three of the covers here:

      I was holding off till Gary Con XIII to sell these, but as GCXIII has gone ethereal, I need to figure out what to do with them, since I'm not going to let them sit for another year...

      Gary Con is working up... something... for us exhibitors for the Ethereal version of the convention. Not sure yet how that is going to work, maybe I will sell them through that?

      If not, I'll be sure to post when I do start selling them here and on my JMG blog.

  3. Those covers look great!! Will keep my eyes peeled on your blog. Thanks