Saturday, February 6, 2021

[James Mishler Games] Now Available -- Bard Class for Labyrinth Lord

By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler
Compatible with Labyrinth Lord
Bard Class Cover

The new Bard Class for Labyrinth Lord includes the following:
Class Details;
The following Bard abilities and skills:
Bardic Instruments
Bonus Languages
Read Languages
Saving Throw Bonus
Thieving Abilities
A list of spellsongs (normal spells re-interpreted as spellsongs);
A list of musical instruments, including cost, weight, availability (City, Town, Village), and special notes;
The College of Bards, rules for advancements, and rights and responsibilities of members;
Six magna opera, the bardic equivalent of relics, including Diarmuid’s Codex, Firzam’s Pipes of Madness, the Golden Songbird, Howard’s Harp of Heroes, Orpheus’s Lyre, and the infamous Pioban Bais or “Pipes of Death.”
Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily used with any Old School RPG system!
28 page booklet-sized PDF (22 pages of content) – Normally $2.49 – $1.25 for a limited time only!


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