Thursday, February 18, 2021

[Now Available] Baba Yaga’s Miraculous Transformation for Labyrinth Lord

[Now Available] Baba Yaga’s Miraculous Transformation
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler
Compatible with Labyrinth Lord
This source booklet for Labyrinth Lord provides the method for magic-users to create a miraculous hut, in the same vein as the infamous crone-witch, Baba Yaga:
Baba Yaga's Miraculous Transformation

This source booklet provides the following details:
Baba Yaga’s Miraculous Transformation
Stage I Miraculous Hut: Dangerous Chicken
Stage II Miraculous Hut: Vicious Chicken
Stage III Miraculous Hut: Tiny Hut
Stage IV Miraculous Hut: Grand Hut
Extra-Dimensional Rooms, Connections, & Hallways
Stage V+ Miraculous Hut: Palatial Hut
The Heart of the Hut
Embedding Magical Features Through Spells
Magnificent Manor Variant
Stone Tower Variant
Note: The creation and improvement of a Miraculous Hut is a Chaotic and Evil Act! Not suitable for most player characters!
Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily used with any Old School RPG system!
24 page booklet-sized PDF (18 pages of content) – Normally $1.99 – $1.00 for a limited time only!

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