Friday, November 5, 2021

[TOEE] Local Cultures, Elemental Evil Domain, and Minor Map Revisions

Here are the latest updates on the development of my 5E Temple of Elemental Evil Campaign:

I have completed my write-up of the local cultures, human and demi-human:

: Graybeard Mountain Dwarves of the Lortmil Mountains.

Gnomes: Curelneblin Rock Gnomes of the Kron Hills, Neurlneblin Forest Gnomes of the Gnarly Forest.

Elves: Arostorin High Elves of Celene & Verbobonc, Gorgladhrim Sylvan Elves of the Gnarly Forest.

Halflings: Noniz Halflings of the Uleks.

Humans: Flannae (Adohinagi of the Gnarly Forest and Welkwood, Digadushi of the Kron Hills and Lortmil Mountains), Kronfolk of the Kron Hills, and Velvervyn of Verbobonc.

E-mail me at jamesmishler and gmail dot com if you want a copy of the PDF. 

Next I am going to finish the Random Encounters and Geographical Regions sections. Here's a sample of that:

I developed an Elemental Evil Domain for use by the clergy of the Temple of Elemental Evil. It is available as a PWYW product on Dungeon Masters Guild. Click here to go there and get it.

Please let me know what you think!


Finally, some minor changes on the map:

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