Monday, August 31, 2015

[Found Treasures] Labyrinth Lord Known Lands Expanded

Here's a map of far more recent vintage: an unfinished attempt to expand out the Known Lands of Labyrinth Lord. I never got very far with this map; IIRC, this was from around the time I picked up Hexographer and started working on the Olden Lands. I was definitely going with a Norse-inspired section in the north, something England-like in the east, Mongols in the west, and Egyptian/Arabic in the south... but never got any further than this.

Scale is 30 miles to the hex, as the original map it is based on was 10 miles to the hex, but IIRC I was planning on changing that to 24 miles and 8 miles, respectively, to fit with the old school scale of the Known World...

As usual, click to embiggen...

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