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[Middle-Southlands] Gods of the Middle-Southlands

The gods and goddesses of the realm are listed in descending order of rank and power within their alignment. Note that all Lawful and Neutral gods, even those who do not reside in Aman, acknowledge Manwe and Varda as King and Queen of the Gods. Note that only the seven mightiest of the Lesser Gods are noted; there are many such beings, of all three alignments. Name [Gender](Spouse) 

Manwe, King of the Gods

Manwe Sky-King, King of the Gods [m] (Varda)
Varda Star-Queen, Queen of the Gods [f](Manwe)
Nienna, Lady of Mercy [f](none)
Aule, Master of Crafts, Dwarf-Father [m](Yavanna)
Mandos, the Judge [m](Vaire)
Irmo, the Dreamer [m](Este)
Este, the Healer [f](Irmo)
*Ilmare Starlight [f](1st, serves Varda)
*Arien, Lady of the Sun [f](2nd, serves Aule)
*Eonwe, the Holy Herald [m](5th, serves Manwe)

Ulmo, Lord of Waters

Ulmo, Lord of Waters [m](none)
Yavanna, the Earth-Mother [f](Aule)
Vaire, the Weaver [f](Mandos)
Orome, the Hunter [m](Vana)
Vana, Lady of Flowers [f](Orome)
Tulkas, the Strong [m](Nessa)
Nessa, the Dancer [f](Tulkas)
*Uinen, Lady of the Sea [f](3rd, serves Ulmo)
*Tilion, Lord of the Moon [m](4th, serves Orome)
*Melian, Mother of Elves [f](6th, serv. Vana and Este)
*Osse, Lord of the Sea [m](serves Ulmo)

Melkor, The Mighty One

Melkor, the Mighty One, the Rebel [m]
*Gorthaur the Cruel, Lord of Sorcery [m](7th)
*Gothmog the Great, Lord of Balrogs [m]
**Ancalagon the Mighty, Lord of Dragons [m]
**Carcharoth, Father of Dire Wolves [m]
**Draugluin, Father of Werewolves [m]
**Thuringwethil, Demon-Queen of Vampires [f]
**Ungoliant, Grandmother Spider [f]
**Shelob, Demon-Queen of Spiders [f]
**Olog-Hai, Demon-King of Trolls [m]
**Uruk-Hai, Demon-King of Orcs [m]
***Imix, Demon-Prince of Fire [m]
***Ogremoch, Demon-Prince of Earth [m]
***Olhydra, Demon-Princess of Water [f]
***Yan-C-Bin, Demon-Princess of Air [f]

* Titan Rank (up to 5th level spells)
** Archdevil Rank (up to 4th level spells)
*** Demon-Prince Rank (up to 3rd level spells)

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