Monday, March 4, 2019

[Advanced Labyrinth Lord] Class Level Titles

First of all, Legendaria is still ongoing, however, it is no longer an Advanced Labyrinth Lord project. I am going to be developing it using the Four Color/FASERIP system, which fits the campaign concept much better than trying to integrate all the themes into Labyrinth Lord.
So that will go on, but right now, I'm working on some things for ALL. Not that I'm going to mention those yet; I won't be in a place to really talk about those projects until after Gary Con (if we make it, hoping the weather holds).
For now, here is a list of Class Level Titles I have generated for use in my ALL campaigns. I always kind of liked these, and recent re-reading of the classic Rythlondar Campaign materials has got me really wanting to use them again. But they are a bit of a mess in some ways, so I have cleaned and altered them to better fit my campaign.
I hope you find these useful and perhaps inspirational!

As usual, click to embiggen!


  1. Level titles are great. Fun to make and when skillfully constructed they are informative about the setting.

  2. Any chance of sharing this as a PDF?

  3. I always rather liked class level titles. Something that is lost in most Retro-clones and certainly in all modern games.