Wednesday, March 13, 2019

[Advanced Labyrinth Lord] Class Level Title Redux -- Emendations and Additions

After a thorough going over, I have made some changes to the 10 existing class level titles and added six new class level title listings.

I changed the druid listing, for various reasons; that is the major change to the existing tables:

I have also added six new listings, for the three racial classes I have enhanced and the three racial classes I have added to my class list. These six are:

Halfling Bounder
Dwarf Delveguard
Elf Fey Knight
Gnome Korrigan
Half-Elf Minstrel
Half-Orc Reiver

All six are going to be released in a product through James Mishler Games once I finish it... hopefully sooner than later. A preview will be forthcoming later this week.

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