Saturday, April 9, 2011

G is for Guh...

Guh... no real post today... real life is too busy. I'll try to catch up this weekend. G will actually be for the Great Good Gods (i.e., the Gods of Men). H for Haelyx will be delayed till Sunday, at least, I'd guess; that should be a big one, too, as Haelyx is the "Home Base" for most of the adventures in the Realm. Until then, I leave you with this table:

D6 ... GM Brain Fart/Lack of Preparation Recovery

1 ... Rain of Frogs, Cats, Dogs, or Goblins

2 ... Something Attacks!

3 ... Hey look, a map!

4 ... You are all arrested!

5 ... One of you is a doppelganger!

6 ... Umm... I got nothing guys. Take five!

PS: My Blogspot posts have been losing all sentence and paragraph returns lately, and I actually have to go in and add HTML code to keep everything from bunching up in one paragraph. Anyone know WTF that is about?

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