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[The Realm] G is for Great Good Gods

The Great Good Gods, as they are known to Men, are those gods who fall within the organizational hierarchy led by Koram and Qnath. Other races know the Great Good Gods simply as the Gods of Men, for it was Koram who created Men, and the gods who follow him who are most supportive of Men. The remaining three Elder Gods of Law, who created the World, Elthonell, Shendon, and Koram, became deeply estranged after the Taur Elthon and Taur Duarg concentrated on the defense and preservation of the Elves and Dwarves during the War of Angels and Demons. Thus after the War, when the Angels and Demons were granted their absolute Free Will as part of the Great Divine Compact, and the Gods were, by the terms of the Compact, required to set themselves apart physically from the World, Koram and Qnath set up their own circle of family, friends, and followers upon the Heavenly Mount.

The Heavenly Mount is an immaterial, spiritual construct devised from the remnants of the Vault of Heaven that was physically attached to the greatest mountains of the World. When the Vault shattered and split into Twilight and Dawn halves, the Twilight portion fell into the Great Pit, and collapsed in ruin around the Abyss at the foot of the Great Pit. The Twilight portion became the core of Infernus, the underworld prison realm of the Demons. The Dawn portion, which was first fixed in the skies by Suliir and Iluna, and later placed in the ether high above the Suns and Moons by the Archangels, remained known as the Vault of Heaven, or more commonly, the Seven Heavens. Koram chose the grant the Vault to the Angels as a reward for their great service; he also preferred to build his home anew, though he did so upon the foundation stones of the Vault, which remained upon the highest crags of the greatest peaks of the World. Thus, one can, if spiritually pure, climb the greatest, loneliest mountains of the World and find there the Straight Paths to the Heavenly Mount, the Elysion of the Great Good Gods.

It is said that Elysion can also be reached through rainbows, which are an indication of the favor of Tyrm, the Celestial Warlord, who is the Warden of the Straight Paths and the Guardian of the Gate of Elysion. Again, however, to even remotely approach even the entry of such a path without being spiritually pure is to invite disaster. Elysion is the final resting place of the heroic and goodly followers of the Great Good Gods. Their souls are said to rest in the Sweet Fields of Jamala, where ever the wheat grows ripe and pure. They can walk the boulevards of the City Eternal, where the streets are paved with gold and the lamps are made of silver and diamonds. They can seek the Truth of the World in the Great Celestial Library, where the servants of Qnath gladly point out any needed scroll or tome. Those of martial bent can seek out camaraderie and contest upon the Plain of Swords, where Tyrm trains the souls of great heroes in preparation for the Final Battle against Chaos, when Law will triumph and the corruption of Chaos will be eliminated from the World once and for all.

Andara (f)

High Queen of Heaven, the Great Lady of Elysion, the Lady of Fortune, Wife of Koram, the Divine Mother, and Mother of Suliir


The Risen One, the Lord of Protection, the Healer of Flesh and Soother of Spirit, the Redeemer, the Cosmic Counterpoise, the Prince of Peace, the Bringer of Joy, and the Husband of Ilonda

Ilonda (f)

Lady of Song and Mirth, the Lady of Spring, the Healing Hand, the Cup Bearer, and the Wife of Galendar

Iluna (f)

Moon Queen, the Silvery Light, the Daughter of Tyrm and Ilzara, and the Wife of Suliir

Ilzara (f)

Messenger of the Gods, the Celestial Psychopomp, the Guide of Souls, the Queen of the Valkyries, the Wife of Tyrm, and the Mother of Iluna

Jamala (f)

Lady of the Harvest, the Queen of Grains, and the Wife of Vislak


High King of Heaven, the Great Lord of Elysion, the Sky King, the Creator of Men, the Husband of Andara, and the Father of Suliir


Lord of Starry Wisdom and the Eldest of the Elder Gods


Sun King, the Great-Star, the Father of Fire, the Flame Unquenchable, the Son of Koram and Andara, and the Husband of Iluna


Lord of Storms, the Celestial Warlord, the Warden of the Straight Paths, the Guardian of the Gate of Elysion, the Paladin Prime, the Sword of the Gods, the Husband of Ilzara, and the Father of Iluna


Lord of Anvils, the Divine Artificer, the Celestial Smith, the Armorer of the Gods, and the Husband of Jamala

Zaala (f)

Sea Queen, the Lady of Sweet Waters, the Mother of Rivers, Mother of Maigyn by Elthonell

A Partial Listing of Saints and Exalted Beings of the Temple of the Great Good Gods [Patron God]

Saint Allitur the Martyr [Galendar]

Exalted Atroa, Handmaiden of Ilonda, Maiden of Spring, the East Wind (f) [Ilonda]

Saint Berei of the Hearth (f) [Jamala]

Saint Celestian the Far Wanderer [Qnath]

Exalted Cilborith, Celestial Elf [Koram]

Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel [Koram] (Very popular among Highlanders)

Saint Delleb the Thoughtful [Qnath]

Saint Exmin the Valkyrie (f) [Ilzara]

Saint Fharlanghn the Dweller on the Horizon [Galendar]

Exalted Fortubo, The Mountain, Master of Metals [Vislak]

Exalted Frantilla, Shield-Maiden of Koram (f) [Koram]

Saint Heironeous of the Sword [Tyrm]

Exalted Kazadarum, The Divine Dwarf [Koram]

Exalted Lydia, The Lyre (f) [Ilonda]

Exalted Myhriss, The Lovely (f) [Andara]

Exalted Norebo, The Lucky [Andara]

Saint Pelor of the Healing Light [Suliir]

Saint Pholtus of the Blinding Light [Suliir]

Exalted Promehene, The Youth [Galendar]

Saint Rao the Serene [Galendar]

Saint Sashu the Beggar [Galendar]

Exalted Sinakad, The Ram, the Merciful Liberator [Galendar]

Exalted Sotillion, Handmaiden of Ilzara, Maiden of Summer, The South Wind (f) [Ilzara]

Saint Trithereon the Liberator [Tyrm]

Saint Tyrebill of the Lawful Light [Suliir]

Exalted Velnius, Shield-Bearer of Tyrm, Master of Clouds [Tyrm]

Saint Vicon of Celestial Visions (f) [Qnath]

Exalted Wenta, Handmaiden of Jamala, Maiden of Autumn, the West Wind [Jamala]

Saint Zodal the Merciful [Galendar]

Saint Zuoken the Sunlander [Qnath]

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