Monday, May 7, 2012

[Magic Card a Go Go] Lightning Angel


SIZE: Large
HD: 4 (d8) +12 hp
MOVE: 120 ft., 240 ft. (fly)
AC: 24
ATTACKS: 2 Sword (1d8+4 or 1d8+2d6+6 vs. Evil)
SPECIAL: Angelic Immunities, Darkvision 120 ft., Divine Aura, Lightning Strike, Magic Sword, Magical +1 or Better Weapon Needed to Hit, Spell-like Abilities, Spell Resistance 6
INT: High
ALIGNMENT: Good (usually Neutral or Chaotic)
TYPE: Extraplanar
TREASURE: See below
XP: 300 + 4/hp

Lightning Angels are lesser servitors of the Goodly Gods of Storms, Thunder, and of course, Lightning, favoring gods of Chaotic Good and Neutral Good alignments. Most take on the form of an 8' tall luminous winged female human wearing some form of modest armor appropriate to their cultural milieu (though their armor class is inherent, not dependent on the armor). Their eyes continually crackle with electricity, their skin writhes with the many hues of lightning, and their voice, though definitely feminine, booms like thunder. Their wings may appear to be those of eagles, doves, or ravens. They wield a fine magical blade in one hand and lightning in the other. They are usually sent to assist loyal worshippers who are under attack by supernatural Evil opponents or to avenge their master upon apostates.

Angelic Immunities: Lightning Angels are not affected by any form of normal or magical acid, cold, electricity, fire, magic missile, petrification, or water attacks. They are immune to mortal poisons.

Divine Aura: Lightning Angels emanate a permanent divine aura that provides protection from attacks by Evil, summoned, and conjured creatures; all Good-aligned beings within 10' of the angel also gain these benefits. The aura provides a +4 bonus to AC and a +4 bonus to all saving throws against evil creatures and their abilities.

Lightning Strike: Once every 1d6 rounds in addition to making two sword attacks a Lightning Angel may make a lightning strike. This is a lightning bolt that emanates from her hand and can take the form of a 60 ft. by 5 ft. bolt or a 30 ft. by 10 ft. area of effect. All within the area suffer 4d6 points of electricity damage; they may make a Dexterity saving throw to suffer only half damage.

Magic Sword: Each Lightning Angel possesses a magical +1 Evil Bane long sword. Against Good or Neutral opponents it is merely +1 to hit and damage (dealing a total of 1d8+4 damage). Against Evil opponents it is +3 to hit and deals 1d8+2d6+6 points of damage. When wielding any other weapon a Lightning Angel deals +3 damage, due to her great Strength. If the Lightning Angel is slain on the Prime Plane, the sword remains behind.

Spell-like Abilities: Lightning Angels can perform the following spell-like abilities, one at a time, one per round: aid (3/day), bless (5/day), cure light wounds (3/day), cure serious wounds (1/day), detect evil, detect illusion, detect magic, detect poison, detect traps (3/day), dispel magic (3/day), hallow (1/day), healing circle (1/day), know alignment, lesser restoration (3/day), light, read magic, remove curse (3/day), remove disease (1/day), remove fear, and sound burst. They speak all languages. They may return to their home plane at will, but are only sent to the Prime Plane at their master's command or when summoned through summon planar ally. If the Lightning Angel is slain on the Prime Plane, she cannot return from her home plane for a year and a day.

Magic Card a Go Go: Every day, or thereabouts, I'll look up a random Magic: The Gathering card or three on Gatherer and devise a background and some rules. Why? Mostly because it seems like fun. When it is no longer fun, then meh...

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