Sunday, May 6, 2012

[Magic Card a Go Go] Day of the Dragons

DAY OF THE DRAGONS, Level 7 wizard
Casting Time: 1
Range: 50 ft.
Duration: 10 minutes/level
Save: see text
Spell Resistance: yes
Components: V, S, M, F

This potent advanced form of the polymorph other spell causes the target creature(s) to assume the body, abilities (physical, supernatural, and otherwise), and the consciousness of dragons. These creatures are completely under the control of the spell caster, and they will perform any duty or action required of them, including that which is patently suicidal. Unwilling targets of the spell can resist the effect with a successful Wisdom saving throw.

For each level of the caster above 12th, she can target one creature.

For every level of the caster above 12th, the dragons can have up to the size, HD, AC, DB, SR, and other abilities of a dragon of that Age; thus, dragons created through this spell by a 17th level caster can have up to the abililties of Adult (Age 5) dragons. The caster can choose, at the time of casting, to cast the spell with a lower Age effect (and thus, weaker abilities though with lower material component cost) for each target independently.

When the spell is cast, the targets gain a new hit point total based on their new Hit Dice. When the spell ends, they revert back to their previous hit points, and all damage suffered while in dragon form disappears. However, if slain in the dragon form, the subject remains dead.

The dragon color depends on the magical Focus used in the casting of the spell. The required focus is the mummified heart of a dragon of the appropriate type. If the caster posseses more than one heart from different dragons, she can choose which type of dragon each subject becomes.

The material component, expended in the casting, is 1,000 gp in diamond dust per Age per subject (thus, three transformed targets each of 5th Age would require 15,000 gp in diamond dust).

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